Behavioral Disorders
While primarily noticeable in younger population, behavioral disorders are present in adults as well

Behavioral disorders primarily get our attention in younger population; however, adults can struggle with these diagnoses as well. Even though the list is long, but commonly it is referred to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and even anxiety disorders.

Problem behaviors are those that can be classified as atypical. Nearly everyone can have a moment of disruptive behavior or an error in judgment. However, behavioral disorders satisfy criteria of a consistent pattern that last for a significant period (months) and cause problems in school, work, at home and/or in social situations. 


Behavioral disorders may involve:


• Inattention

• Hyperactivity

• Impulsivity

• Defiant behavior

• drug use

• criminal activity



Facing a behavioral disorder(s) can appear frightening and discouraging initially; however, efficacy can be achieved via different modalities, or their combination. Individual and family therapy, organizational strategies, meditation, consistency, and dedication are just few to mention.