What to expect

What is an evidence-based approach?

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, Motivational Interviewing and other techniques that have been well researched over time are often referred to as "evidence-based" interventions. For instance, CBT is the psychotherapeutic treatment of choice for anxiety, mood and behavioral problems. While history gathering is helpful and important, for the most part, the treatment is present-focused. This means that a psychotherapist will focus on the symptoms that are affecting a client negatively, and solutions will be introduced to help the client lean toward a more fulfilling life. A person may be asked to practice a set of skills or techniques outside of the therapy sessions in order to enhance and speed up their treatment. Various evidence-based techniques are utilized when appropriate and depend upon symptoms, level of development, and preferences.


The First Visit

More time is allocated for the first visit. The first visit is called the psychosocial assessment and during this time a psychotherapist gathers important bio-psycho-social information and determine the reasons for engaging in psychotherapy. Use of self-assessing questionnaires and a clinical interview to collect more details about a person are standard practices. This information helps narrow diagnostic processes and subsequently helps create an Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP). The same plan is prepared collaboratively and becomes finalized after the psychosocial assessment. The quality of the relationship between the client and the therapist is an imperative factor for successful treatment.


Psychotherapy or, counseling, is not an easy process. The clinician needs to hold oneself to the highest ethical standards to make certain the best possible service is being provided. The goal is to have clients feel comfortable. As the treatment progresses, the clinician starts to appropriately challenge the client so that a positive transition can be accomplished in the shortest amount of time possible. The treatment length depends on many factors and it cannot be predicted. As one of the great minds in counseling psychology stated, “The therapist’s job is not to have a job!” Awareness Counseling, LLC adheres to that philosophy.

Parking & Arrival

Please utilize parking surrounding the 502 Washington Avenue building and adjacent parking lot. It is encouraged that you arrive early to your appointment. Depending on the day and time of your appointment, you may need to be let into the building due to the building management’s security policy. Please call or send a message prior to your appointment.